DIN975 Titanium Threaded rods

DIN939 Titanium Stud e≈1.25d
April 22, 2019
DIN985 Nylon Lock Nuts
April 22, 2019

We have 27 years experience in producing titanium threaded rods

  • Baoji Leader Titanium products is known for its strength and lightweight as well as excellent corrosion resistance to chlorides, sea water, and chlorine. Therefore, titanium threaded rods are an excellent choice for a large variety of applications.
  • Titanium threaded rods also work well in seawater applications as Titanium threaded rods prevent seawater corrosion up to 500°F and survive at ocean depths over a mile below the surface.

We can produce many kinds of titanium bolts and nuts

  • Titanium and titanium alloy, like titanium Grade2, titanium Grade5, titanium Grade7
  • Titanium Grade 5(Ti-6al4v, TA6V) is common
  • We also accept customized, PDF or AutoCAD drawing can accept.


  • Oil
  • Marine
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Sporting goods
  • Defense
  • Paper
  • Food processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Military
  • Desalination

The drawing of DIN975 Titanium Threaded rods

DIN975 Titanium Threaded rod
DIN975 Titanium Threaded rods

The Standard We Can Do

The detailed dimension of DIN975 Titanium Threaded rods

M2 1000±10
M2,5 1000±10
M3 1000±10
(M3,5) 1000±10
M4 1000±10
M5 1000±10
M6 1000±10
M8 M8x1 1000±10
M10 M10x1,25 M10x1 1000±10
M12 M12x1,25 M12x1,25 1000±10
(M14) (M14x1,5) 1000±10
M16 M16x1,5 1000±10
(M18) (M18x1,5) 1000±10
M20 M20x1,5 1000±10
(M22) (M22x1,5) 1000±10
M24 M24x2 1000±10
(M27) (M27x2) 1000±10
M30 M30x2 1000±10
(M33) (M33x2) 1000±10
M36 M36x3 1000±10
(M39) (M39x3) 1000±10
M42 M42x3 1000±10
(M45) (M45x3) 1000±10
M48 M48x3 1000±10
(M52) (M52x3) 1000±10

DIN975 Titanium Threaded rods

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