The difference between CNC machining titanium screws and hot forging titanium screw?

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Titanium socket cap screws
March 23, 2020
Titanium screws
The application of titanium fasteners
May 27, 2020

a. In dimension, the size of CNC machining titanium screw is more accurate and precison, can meet smaller tolerence.

b. The surface, the CNC machining titanium screw is brighter and more lustrous than hot forging titanium screws.

c. The prodcution cost,hot forhing titanium screw is much cheaper than CNC maching titanium screw.

d. The processing speed: hot forging titanium screw is faster and especially suitable for mass production.

e. The application and using, most of CNC maching titanium screw used for motorcycle and racing car parts.And most of hot foring titanium screw are used for industry parts and chemical equipment parts.

f. The strength, hot forging titanium screw is better than CNC machining titanium screw.

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