Rolling thread and Cutting thread

Water cutting titanium plate
Water Cutting
August 30, 2019
Wire cutting
September 9, 2019
Rolling thread and Cutting thread
Rolling thread and Cutting thread

Manufacturing technique for the titanium screw head:

  • The head has hot foring and CNC machining head.
  • Usually, in Hexagon head bolt, Gr.2 will choose hot forging, Gr.5 will choose CNC machining. Because of the hardness different.
  • Others head, most of Gr.2 and Gr.5 will choose CNC machining.
Rolling  Thread
Rolling Thread

Manufacturing technique for titanium threading:

Cutting Thread
Cutting Thread
  • The thread has cutting thread and rolling thread.
  • Too small size and length srcew, will choose cutting thread. For example M3x4…
  • Sometimes, inch thread will choose cutting thread.
  • And metric thread will choose rolling thread.
  • But common inch thread will also choose rolling thread, for example 3/8“-16, 1/4“-20”
  • All UNF will choose cutting thread.
  • Big size bolt will also choose cutting thread, for example M36…

And we will use go gauge and go nogo gauge to measure all the thread.We use callipers to measure the screw head size and thread length.

Thread rolling
Thread rolling

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