Three characteristics of titanium

Titanium Grade
Titanium brand comparison table
July 2, 2019
Ten characteristics of titanium
Ten characteristics of titanium
July 4, 2019

Functional materials are engineering materials based on physical properties, that is, materials with special properties in electrical, magnetic, acoustic, optical, thermal, etc., or materials that exhibit special functions under their action. Studies on titanium and titanium alloys have found that they have three special functions for application:

  1. Memory function: Titanium-nickel alloy has a one-way, two-way and all-round memory effect at a certain ambient temperature and is recognized as the best memory alloy. Pipe joints for oil pressure systems for fighters; oil pipeline systems for oil joint ventures; 500mm diameter parabolic mesh antennas made of 0.5mm wire for aerospace vehicles; for snoring in medical engineering Treatment; making screws for fracture healing. All of the above applications have achieved significant results.
  2. Superconducting function: niobium-titanium alloy exhibits zero-conductivity superconducting function when the temperature is lower than the critical temperature.
  3. Hydrogen storage function: Titanium-iron alloy has the characteristics of hydrogen absorption, which stores a large amount of hydrogen safely and releases hydrogen in a certain environment. This is promising for hydrogen separation, hydrogen purification, hydrogen storage and transportation, and the manufacture of heat pumps and batteries that use hydrogen as an energy source.

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