Heat treatment of titanium alloy

Hardness of metal materials
Hardness of metal materials
February 13, 2023

Annealing treatment

The annealing of metal is to make its internal strain relief, the heat treatment of processing structure produces recovery and crystallization.

The annealing treatment of titanium alloy is carried out for the purpose of stabilizing the structure, stabilizing the size of the product, improving the machinability and improving the mechanical properties.

Heat treatment of titanium alloy

Solution treatment

The so-called solution treatment is a heat treatment operation in which all alloy elements are integrated into the matrix phase to form a uniform solid solution.

Then quickly cooled to room temperature to maintain the state of the structure at high temperature and obtain a supersaturated solid solution.

Since the supersaturated solid solution is unstable, if it is reheated at a certain temperature.

The incorporated elements will either precipitate in the form of compounds or form an equilibrium stable phase, thereby reaching a stable state.

Aging treatment

The aging of the alloy is a process in which the supersaturated solid solution retained at room temperature discharges the supersaturated elements.

And shifts to an equilibrium state under the combined action of temperature and time.