The hardness of titanium alloy screw

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October 10, 2019
The application of titanium screw in bicycle
October 15, 2019

Titanium alloy screw has a very low hardness of only a quarter of steel, but the strength of titanium alloy screw is very good.

Characteristics of titanium alloy screws
Characteristics of titanium alloy screws

Compared with the titanium alloy screw in the high-pressure environment,titanium screw has stronger compression resistance and better flexibility and oxidation resistance.

Therefore, in aerospace metals, titanium alloys are selected for fabrication, and titanium screws are used as connectors.

Titanium screws can be as strong as mild steel or stainless steel bolts. Titanium screws are not as strong as high-tensile steel bolts

For commercial titanium screw(Titanium Grade2), the hardness is HRC26-28.

But, titanium alloy screw(Titanium Grade5, Ti-6al4v), the hardness can reach HRC32-35.

Ten characteristics of titanium
Ten characteristics of titanium

Titanium has been used in racing cars for many years. At present, almost all of the cars are made of titanium, like titanium wheel bolt, titanium lug nut…etc. The titanium used in Japanese cars has exceeded 600 tons. With the development of the global automotive industry, titanium for automobiles is increasing rapidly.

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