Titanium Seamless tube 5 features

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The application of titanium in oilfield exploitation
July 19, 2019
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Titanium weight calculation formula
July 19, 2019
  1. Titanium Seamless tube 5 features, titanium tube has high strength. Titanium alloy has high strength, its tensile strength is 686-1176MPa, and the density is only about 60% of steel, so the specific strength is very high.
  2. Titanium seamless tube is highly resistant to corrosion. The seamless titanium tube is made by an extrusion process, and the welded titanium tube is formed by welding the sheet after crimping. Generally, the thickness of the seamless titanium tube is relatively small, and the diameter is relatively small. Titanium in the air below 550 ° C, the surface will quickly form a thin and dense titanium oxide film, so in the atmosphere, seawater, nitric acid and sulfuric acid and other oxidizing medium and strong alkali, its corrosion resistance is better than most stainless steel.
  3. Excellent high temperature and low-temperature performance. At present, the working temperature of the new heat-resistant titanium alloy can reach 550-600 °C; at low temperature, the strength of the titanium alloy is increased compared with the normal temperature and good toughness.
  4. The low-temperature titanium alloy can maintain good at -253 °C. toughness. The titanium tube still maintains good mechanical properties at high temperatures, its heat resistance is higher than that of aluminum alloy, and its operating temperature range is wide.
  5. The seamless titanium tube has a high hardness. The hardness (HRC) of the titanium alloy (annealed state) is 32-38.
  6. The seamless tube has a low modulus of elasticity. The elastic modulus of the titanium alloy (annealed state) is 1.078×10-1.176×10 MPa, which is about half of that of steel and stainless steel. Executive standard: ASTMB337, ASTMB338, ASTMB861

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