Titanium wheel lug nuts and Titanium wheel lug bolts

Titanium forging parts
May 5, 2019
ASME/ASTM B16.5 B381 forging titanium flange
May 14, 2019

Titanium wheel lug nuts and Titanium wheel lug bolts are not only corrosion resistant but also much stronger and 50% lighter than steel lug nuts which results in a drastic decrease in rotational mass of the wheel.

Lower weight in rotating parts such as lug bolts is over 8 times more effective than in a stationary part.The weight savings when using lighter lug nuts or bolts is equivalent to the weight savings achieved when using lighter wheels.

6AL4V Titanium properties include a tensile strength of 1000 MPa (megapascals) which is the equivalent of 145000 psi. By comparison, annealed type 316 stainless steel has tensile strength of only 570 MPa (82670 psi), tempered 6061 aluminium alloy has tensile strength of 310 MPa, and Grade 1 Titanium has a tensile strength of only 240 MPa (34809 psi).

Leader titanium is unaffected by the high heat caused in racing applications which causes fatigue in steel lug bolts. We roll our threads for the best resistance against fatigue. Do not accept lower grade titanium or steel lug nuts.

We currently can produce Porsche Titanium Lug Bolts, Aston Martin Titanium lug bolts, Ferrari Titanium lug bolts, Lamborghini Titanium lug nuts, Bentley Titanium Lug Bolts, BMW Titanium lug nuts, Maserati Titanium Lug Bolts, Mercedes Titanium lug nuts and Nissan GTR Titanium lug bolts with many more applications coming soon.

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